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Life Coaching Services

Shadow Work

Put simply, the shadow (as coined by Carl Jung) is anything that is either too light or too dark for our ego. In our formative years, we push certain qualities into our unconscious as a means of fitting in and survival. But the things that were (at one point) adaptive, later become maladaptive. Never mining for these hidden gems leaves us a less full version of what we were made to be. It is a beautiful work to have the opportunity to reincorporate the parts of us that we've relegated to the shadow.


Visualization isn't magic, it's neuroscience! Many research studies prove the power of visualization. This neuroscience and visualization research paper explains, "if you exercise an idea over and over [in your mind], your brain will begin to respond as though the idea was a real object in the world." The paper goes on to say that the thalamus-- or part of our brain that relays the sensory and motor signals-- does not distinguish between internal and external realities. The visualizations I employ have been tested and tried to aid clients in achieving their hope and goals. 

Dream Interpretation

Jung believed dreams are the psyche's bid to communicate relevant information to an individual. Just think-- humans sleep for nearly a third of their mortal life. Surely there is something cognitively significant happening during that time, in addition to the repair and restoration that happens for the body.  

Please note:

Everything I offer as a coach are tools. Tools are meant to be used. But, they are not a one-time fix it all. Growth takes work and patience. I believe these tools to be extremely helpful-- but only insofar as you are willing to implement them.

*In the language of flowers, goldenrod means "careful encouragement." I don't want to tell you what to do. I want to facilitate your finding out for yourself what to do.

My Approach

I believe in a whole-hearted, compassionate approach to both life coaching, and life. 

It's important to me that I'm clear about what life coaching is and is not. Life coaching is for people who are feeling stuck. Maybe they feel like they don't have a purpose, or they're not sure what they are supposed to accomplish in this life to feel truly fulfilled.

Life coaching is not the same thing as therapy. Both therapy and coaching have a place. If you are in the deep throes of depression or experiencing serious mental distress, therapy is going to be crucial for your journey. 

In my coaching practice, I integrate current neuroscience, eastern wisdom traditions, and Jungian theory.

*In the language of flowers, the bird of paradise flower means "magnificence". I believe in your magnificence.

In the language of flowers, the bird of paradise flower means "magnificence". I believe in your magnificence.
My Approach
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